Setting up birthday parties

Set up Birthday Parties for automatic lead capture, and market your birthday party services at the same time to potential new clients. Set your Public POS up for Kiosk mode so that way potential leads can request more info. To learn how to do this CLICK HERE.

We set up our birthday parties dates and times 5 months out. We do one every weekend, on Saturdays from 12:30pm - 2:00pm.

The event capacity is set to 1 for unbooked party dates. This way when customers buy a party, the event shows as "sold out" and prevents double booking. Additionally, members can see ALL of the dates and times that we offer. This drastically cuts down the calls and scheduling questions from members at our front desk.

When a customer books a party, we change the name of the Event to the student's name. We also change the price to $0 and the event capacity to 25 (the max number of guests). Our team then gives the URL of our birthday party event link to the parent, who can use that as a rsvp link for their invitation.

This is what the RSVP link will look like:

When guests RSVP to the party, we have all their contact information -- on MyStudio's event management list -- for easy follow up. AND the parents of our guests can easily see the details, pricing, and available dates of our other parties, just in case they want to book their own party with us.