Trials - Status Settings

Learn how to set up trial status - and add your own trial statuses!

To view, edit, and customize your trial statuses go to Services and Products > Trials > Settings > Status:



You will automatically have 4 trial statuses: Active, Enrolled, Cancelled, and Did not start.


Active: All newly enrolled trials are assigned this status.


Enrolled: This is designated as the winning status (when a new trial is registered).


Canceled: This is designated as a loss status (when a trial cancels).


Did Not Start: This is designated as a loss status (When I Trial does not start their trial/a no-show).


Easily add and build out custom statuses but clicking the add additional status button.



PLEASE NOTE: All custom statuses will be counted as an active trial. This means they are not counted in your trial conversion rates toward wins or losses.


Type in the status that you wish to have > click the save button.


Click and drag the 6 dot icon on the side of your custom statuses to sort them.


PLEASE NOTE: Because additional statuses are considered an active status you will only be able to sort them underneath the "Active" section.


Once an additional status is added, the status will show in the Trials section of your Analytics page:


You can also see this status under All Customers > Participants > Trials > Status:


Easily update a trial member to that status by clicking the green text under Trial status:


Or by clicking the trial participant's name > Trial Details > Edit > Status and updating it there:


Use your custom trial status to create unique custom campaigns and cater them to specific students!


To learn more about setting up a trial custom campaign, please CLICK HERE!