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Updating Customer Payment Methods - Customer Facing

Customers can update their credit card and ACH payment methods via web app, mobile app, or link

Learn more about how customers can update their own payment methods in MyStudio for future payments, recurring payment schedules, and failed payments.

Updating Primary Payment Method

Customers can update their primary payment method on file in the My Account section of the app. This works for both the Mobile and Web App versions.


After logging in, customers can click the three-bar menu > My Account > Primary Payment Method.


From there, customers can update their Credit Card and ACH Bank Account on file -- this is the primary payment method that will be used on future purchases and registrations.


This is available on both the mobile app:


And the web app:


PLEASE NOTE: This does not automatically update recurring payment methods such as memberships or events with payment plans -- please keep reading to learn more about this process!


Updating Recurring Payment Methods

Members can either apply a new or existing payment method to current billing schedules in the My Account section of the app OR update their payment method via link.


Apply New Payment to Current Billing Schedules


To add a new card to a recurring or scheduled payment ONLY (not as a primary payment method), customers can go to My Account > Purchase Summary > Memberships:


Then select the specific membership they wish to add the payment to...


And click the pencil icon next to "Payment Method"

PLEASE NOTE: Customers will only be allowed to add/change their ACH information in the Primary Payment Method section -- Learn more about ACH here!


Once your customer has added the new payment method you will see it reflected in their Program Registration details.



Apply Existing Payment to Current Billing Schedules


After adding a new "Primary Payment Method" in My Account > Primary Payment Method...


Customer's can select "Payment Options" and apply it to any existing payment schedule:


This works for both credit cards and ACH bank accounts.


PLEASE NOTE: If your customer updates their recurring payment method from credit card to ACH or vice versa, they will see a screen that looks like this, confirming their new total with the updated ACH or credit card processing fees.


Just like adding a brand new payment method, once your customer clicks "Apply payment method" you will see their new payment method reflected in their Program Registration details.



Update Payment Method Through A Link


To send your member an update payment method link, go to All Customers > Participants > Programs > Click the student's name to pull up their Program Registration Details > Membership > “Send link for user to update payment method”.


Members will receive an email with a link to update their payment method.


Clicking the blue “Update Payment Info” button in the email, will lead to this page.


Once your customer clicks “update,” you will see their new payment method reflected in their membership details.

Failed Payments

When a customer's scheduled payment fails, they receive an automated email.


If they update their payment method directly from this email, the failed payment will automatically process again -- learn more about our failed payment automation system here!


In addition to the automated email, when your customer logs into the app, a pop-up window will appear letting them know which payments failed and prompting them to update their payment method.


PLEASE NOTE: Your customer will not be able to access the rest of their account without updating their payment method and processing the failed payments!