Our automated migration system allows for an easy import of a list of your members data into our system -- without the headaches and the time consuming manual process of entering each member one by one.

Make sure that you have properly set up your membership categories, reference directions here. And have created membership options for each category, reference our articles here. This will allow our program to know which Program and which Membership Option to migrate the member to. 

Set the payment details for each membership option according to your current pricing and frequency structure. This will not affect members who are being migrated over, as some may be need to be charged a different amount and at a different frequency.

The migrated payment information for each migrated member will be based on the data that you provide to our system via the migration csv template. *Please note: Processing fees for any member importing into a membership option using our migration template file will default to Absorb Fee structure.

Verify your studio email address if you have not done so by following the steps here

Please schedule a migration session with our team by clicking below link for additional support and assistance. We can help you through this process to make it as smooth as possible. 

Schedule a session today for help: https://mystudiosupport.as.me/migration

Step 1: Navigate to the Memberships tab

Step 2: Download the CSV template.

Step 3: Carefully import member data into the sheet. The following fields, designated with '*', are required: 

*Buyer Last Name
*Buyer First Name
*Participant Last Name
*Participant First Name
*Address field
*Participant Birthday (formatted as such mm/dd/yyyy)
*Import member into this MyStudio Membership Category (must match exact title in your MyStudio setup)
*Import member into this MyStudio Membership Option (must match exact title in your MyStudio setup)
*Payment Amount (if this value is zero for members that have already paid in full or you do not wish to bill them after import, then Payment Frequency and Next Payment Date below are not required)
**Please note: Processing fees for any member importing into a membership option using our migration template file will default to Absorb Fee structure.
*Payment Frequency
*Next Payment Date

Optional Fields

Last 4 digits of payment card - only necessary for bulk import of cc payment tokens. See step 12 for more details.

Membership End Date - if membership has an ending date, when would want this membership to end. For example - if you are billing this member monthly, and you wish to have the past payment date be 10/1/2020 - then you would put 10/31/2020 so the system knows to end the membership before another payment is billed. Leave this field blank if you wish to import the member with no end date.

Participant Rank - if you use a rank/level system we recommend putting this in (must match exact title of ranks in your MyStudio setup)

Participant Note - any additional data, notes you want to import for each member.

Attendance limits - necessary if each member has an attendance limit 

Number of classes - this is for members on class packages memberships, and lets our system knows how many classes are remaining on their membership

If you do not have Microsoft Office or Excel, or getting an import error into MyStudio , we recommend importing the CSV file into Google Sheets, which will give you the option to edit, and to export the information into a finished CSV file.

Step 4: Import the CSV template. If there are errors in the CSV file, our system will provide a report showing you where the errors are. Simply edit the error and re-import to continue.

Step 5: Confirm all information are correct by downloading the CSV report that is provided. Then click continue.

Step 6: MyStudio will send automatic, customizable emails reminders to your members to update their payment method. This is our recommended option. 

If you would like to input payment data for each member, select No & Continue Import.

You can EDIT and STOP the sending of the automation emails at any point of the migration process. Additionally, you can also START sending the automation email at any point as well.

Step 7: Edit the migration email. Then click continue.

Step 8: Our system will auto adjust the next payment date for each membership, to the next available draft date if payment information is not provided in time.

Click Start Import

Step 9: Once data is imported you can manage the members who are pending migration in the "Pending Migration" tab.

Clicking on each Buyer's name will show you more details of the membership. There is also an option for you to manually update the member payment information from that management screen.

From this screen, you can also edit the automation email, or pause/start the automated migration email process.

Additionally, you can continue to import another list of members to the system at any time.

Step 10: If Auto Migration Email option is selected. Your users will immediately see an email from you, with the following content -- which is customized to your business. 

Clicking on the "Update Payment Info" button, your members will see this screen. 

Step 11: After your member update their payment information, they will become an "Active" Member, and have a scheduled payment date from your MyStudio account. 

At this point, you can stop/remove payments from their account from any existing platform. 

You will be notified of all Completed Migration Account via this email to let you know that a member have successfully updated their payment information to your MyStudio Account. 

Step 12: Bulk Import of payment tokens from current processor to MyStudio.

If your current processing company can also transfer the payment data to MyStudio, this will allow us to also import the payment info and match it to each membership profile.

Steps 1-11 will still need to be completed first. We highly recommend having the automated system send out emails so that members can begin to update their payment information right away.

When we receive payment data from the processing company -- which can take weeks and is solely dependent on how fast your current processing company wants to help you -- we can then map the information to any membership profile that is still pending.

Processors that MyStudio can transfer payment information from are below:

Network Merchants, Inc (NMI)
USA ePay

Step 13: Reach out to your current software provider letting them know you are wanting to migrate to a new system and would like to request a data transfer. At this time if needed, you will also want to confirm your merchant processor to ensure we can work with them to handle a data transfer (See our list in step 12).

If your current software platform needs our PGP key, it can be found here: https://go.wepay.com/security/

Step 14: Complete this import form so that Wepay -- our payment partner -- can begin working with you and your payment processor to begin the transfer. 

a) select Merchant or Fundraiser then continue with the rest of the form

b) Once the Wepay migration team reaches out to you, please include our team in any communications that you have via our email: support@mystudio.academy. Our migration process is largely dependent on how fast your current payment processor provides our team with your customer's encrypted payment information.

Step 15: once we receive the payment information, we will map the payment data to all membership profiles who are still in the "Pending Migration" tab.

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