Membership Setup - Overview

Learn a short overview on setting up Memberships

In this Membership overview article, you will learn how to:

  • Locate the Memberships section in Services and Products.

  • Create a Membership with the Membership's Details.

  • Add Level/Ranks to your Membership.

  • Setup Membership Options.

This is helpful for being able to introduce Memberships to your studio for Participants to be included in a ranking system, attendance tracking, curriculums access, and more!



Step 1: Getting Started


To create a Membership, go to Services and Products > Memberships and click "Add New Program" at the top in green:



Step 2: Membership Details


Setting up your Membership will begin in the Details tab where you will have to input your Membership's Details, Levels/Ranks, Registration Field, and Waiver and Agreement:



Step 3: Membership Levels/Ranks


If your Membership uses a ranking system, then the Level/Rank tab allows you to rearrange, edit, and delete existing Ranks along with adding new ones with Skills:



Step 4: Membership Options


In the Membership Options tab, you can click Add Membership Options to create a new one. Fill out the Details, Payments, Tax and Processing Fees (if applicable), and Discount Codes (if applicable). Learn more about the Membership structures and the setup with an example for Open Enrollment, Custom, Start and End Date, and Class Packages.

Once you are done with your Membership setup, you can then Publish it to be Live for registration!