To use your Class scheduler on Point of Sale please make sure your class scheduler is turned on. Do this by going to Point of Sale > Settings and turning your Class Scheduler "On".

When you launch the Point of Sale click on your scheduler button.

NOTE: Regardless of your settings, if you are on Staff POS as an Admin or Manager you will be able to see all classes regardless of the Class/Appointment Types toggled to PRIVATE and the viewing restrictions via the backend.

Choose a specific option or view all available options.

This will open your calendar and you can select the date and the time of a class.

NOTE: If you are using the Staff POS, you can search for a current member. This is not available in Public POS.

Enter in the participant's details and click "Register".

After filling out the details click "Register" and the member will receive a confirmation email with the time of the class or appointment.

If the member accesses the Class/Appt Scheduler via Public Point of Sale, then the member will not see any classes/appointments and they will see a pop up that says, "In order to view this section, you must log in or create an account."

Once they log in or create an account they will be directed to the Web App Link. To see how this works please click here!

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