Welcome to MyStudio!

Here is a quick overview of our layout to help you navigate through all the different menu items, sections, and areas of MyStudio.

The Dashboard

When you first log into MyStudio, you are taken to your Dashboard section:

Here you can see your monthly sales, current active members, membership retention rate, current failed payments, and billing for the next 30 days.

Learn more about navigating and reading your Dashboard here!

Navigating Your Tools and Buttons

Toggle between multiple MyStudio locations and sign out of your account by clicking your Studio Name in the upper right-hand corner:

Access our Help Center (with helpful articles just like this one) at any time by clicking the "?" button in the upper right-hand or lower left-hand corner:

Need extra help or support? Chat with a member of our MyStudio Team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner:

Compose a new email at any time using the email button in the upper right-hand corner:

Visit My Account at any point to access and update your Plan and Billing, Account Add-ons, Payment Processing Options, Users and Permissions, Custom App Set-Up, and Business Information:

Finally, under the left side menu, view and copy your Customer Access Code and Apple/Google App links as well as your Web App URL.

The left side menu is how you can quickly and easily navigate between all of the MyStudio sections:

After leaving for another section, you can always return to the Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard menu item or the MyStudio logo in the upper left-hand corner:

Navigating the Left-Side Menu

Easily navigate between all the sections of MyStudio using your left-side menu bar:

Visit your Payments section to monitor your studio's finances including full payment history, past due payments, and upcoming scheduled payments.

Visit your All Customers section to easily view and manage your customers and participants.

Visit your Communications section to access past conversations and messages, compose new ones, save email templates, and create custom campaigns.

Visit your Attendance section to launch your attendance portal and see an overview of your students' recent attendance.

Visit your Point of Sale section to launch the Point of Sale (both Staff and Public versions) and update your POS settings.

Visit the Class Schedule section to view and update your Class Schedule as well as the roster for each class.


Visit the Leads section to view your Leads Dashboard, Leads Settings, and actual Leads themselves.

Visit the Trials section to view your Trials Dashboard and Trial members as well as update or add new Trial programs.

Visit the Memberships section to view your Memberships, add or update your Membership Programs, manually add new members, or migrate a full list of members.

Visit the Events section to Add, Edit, and Manage Events for your studio (such as Birthday Parties, Summer Camp, Belt Tests, etc.)

Visit the Retail section to maintain your online store by adding custom products or anything from the Century Direct Marketplace to your store and view/manage orders.

Visit the Curriculum section to share videos and other curriculum resources with your members and students.

Visit the Referral section to update your referral details and monitor any incoming referrals from your members/customers.

Visit the Integrations section to access your Zapier and Custom API integrations.

And lastly, visit the App and Website Customization section to customize your app Home Screen, app buttons, and your MyStudio Website.

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