Set-Up Multiple Locations in MyStudio

Learn how to set up your MyStudio account if you have multiple locations or schools

Do you have more than one location or martial arts school? That's great! Keep reading to see how to set up multiple accounts for multiple studio locations!


To set up multiple locations in MyStudio, you will need to create an account for each location. 


For example, If you have 3 locations then you would create a new account with 3 separate emails.


Location 1 —
Location 2 —
Location 3 —


Each of these locations/accounts will have it's own unique studio code and students will be signed in and connected to only their location. Learn more about your unique studio code here!


Toggle Between Multiple Locations


To quickly navigate between your different locations, you will need to go to My Account > Users and Permissions and create a staff login account for each location.


Once the same login has been added to each location...


that login can navigate between the different locations in the upper right-hand corner.


Just click the drop-down menu and select the name of your other location to switch accounts.




Multiple Locations with a Custom App


If you have a Custom App, you will only need to add it onto one location's account/plan. Each of your locations can use their unique studio code on that same app!


Location 1 —  + Custom App add-on
Location 2 —  (no add-on)
Location 3 —  (no add-on)


To add the Custom App to your current plan, go to My Account (bottom left-hand corner) > Plan and Billing. Scroll down to Add-ons and click "Learn More" to get started: