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ACH Bank Draft

Payment options with checking or savings bank account

ACH drafts are electronic payments that debit directly from the customer's checking or saving account.

ACH payments are available for any recurring transactions (such as membership payments or events that have billing options) and for single transactions that are over $499.

The ability to pass on the ACH processing fees to your customers is also available, and works the same way as the Credit Card processing fees -- learn more about our payment processing rates here!


PLEASE NOTE: ACH is only available in the US


Turn on ACH Payment Processing

To turn on this option and allow customers to use ACH payments, go to My Account > Payment Processing Options > turn on ACH Payment Processing:


And then enable ACH payment options for specific registrations from Point of Sale > Settings: 


Once this payment method is enabled and customers have made purchases with it, you can view ACH payments totals in your Payments > Payment History.



Registering with ACH Payments

In order to register with ACH Payments, customers must be logged into the mobile app or the web app URL.


Once the customer is logged into the mobile app or the web app, they can register for a membership and instantly connect their bank account via Plaid.


If they prefer, they can also connect their account manually.


PLEASE NOTE: The manual option requires micro-deposit verification and can take 1-3 business days for the bank account to be verified.


When a customer selects ACH bank transfer as their payment method they will see this screen:


Select Continue:


Select Continue:


Select your bank and continue the process:


At any point, you may select "Manually enter account & routing info"...


And then manually enter the bank information:


After this payment method is successfully added, the customer can view it in their My Account section of the app.


They can also update their ACH bank account information here as needed.



After this payment method is saved in their account, your customer can select it for any applicable future purchases made through MyStudio.


Updating a Current Payment Method to ACH

Current payment methods can be updated to ACH in the web app, mobile app, or through an update payment method link.


Web and Mobile App


After registering with an ACH payment method or updating their ACH payment method in My Account > Primary Payment Method, customers can choose to apply this new payment method to existing payment schedules.


If your customer updates their recurring payment method from credit card to ACH they will see a screen that looks like this, confirming their new total with the updated ACH or credit card processing fees.


Once your customer clicks "Apply payment method" you will see their new payment method reflected in their membership details.


Update Payment Method Link


To send a link for your member to update their recurring payment to ACH, go to Memberships > Buyers Name > Membership Details > Edit > “Send link for user to update payment method”.


Members will receive an email with a link to update their payment method.


Once your customer finishes updating, you will see their new payment method reflected in their membership details.