Convert your leads to paying customers through Amplify-our AI chatbot. This AI interacts with your leads at any time of day, increasing your conversion rate and giving you more time to focus on other things.




Amplify is an AI chatbot that allows you to convert prospective leads into paying members through SMS while also saving you time and increasing customer satisfaction. Amplify agents can make sales 24/7 and even answer questions based on your knowledge bases.


Permissions and Accessibility

Staff Access:

  • Admin
    • Full Access
  • Manager
    • Full Access
  • Staff
    • No access

MyStudio Plan Restrictions:



Amplify Plans

While you can test Amplify to see how it would interact with customers without the add-on, you will have to get the MyStudio Amplify Add-on in order to fully utilize the product. There are two plans available: 



  • $99 per month (First 100 clients get it for $69/month for the first 12 months)
  • Allows one agent 
  • Allows one knowledge base
  • Can sell trials

Amplify Plus 

  • $199 after the first year (First 50 clients get it for $99/month for the first 12 months)
  • Allows 10 agents
  • Allows 10 knowledge bases
  • Can sell trials, events, and memberships (events and memberships coming soon)


Step 1: Create Open AI account

In order to test or use Amplify, you will need to have and connect an OpenAI account with funds. To create an OpenAI account, in MyStudio, go to Amplify > Settings > Create an OpenAI account. Then create an account or login to an existing one.


Step 2: Create a Secret API Key

In your OpenAI account, go to the left menu and click API keys > create new secret key.



Enter the name of the key and choose a project (default is fine). Allow all permissions and complete creating a key. 



Immediately copy the key and go back to MyStudio > Amplify > Settings and paste the API key you copied. Enter an Organization ID if you’d like.



Step 3: Add Funds to OpenAI

In the OpenAI account, you will need to add available funds to your account. To do so, go to Settings > Billing > Add payment details.



After adding your payment details, you will be asked how much you would like to add in credit and other settings such as if you’d like to allow automatic renewal. The amount of funds needed will be determined by input and output usage of the AI, but you can enter as little as $5. We recommend, however, setting up automatic renewal to minimize Amplify performance interruptions. 



This is all you will need to do in OpenAI.


Step 4: Fill out your Knowledge Base

In MyStudio, you will need to create a knowledge base. While the system will auto-grab information you provided in services and products for the connected trials, a knowledge base is great for answering other frequently asked questions about your business or other important information. To fill out the knowledge base, go to Amplify > knowledge base > add new.



Give the knowledge base a title, then click “Add new FAQ” to enter a new question and answer. You do not have to have this filled out, but you do have to have the knowledge base option to connect to an agent.



Step 5: Create an Agent


An agent is an AI human-like chatbot that engages with your customers at any time. The goal of these agents is to provide answers to frequently asked questions and convert potential clients into paying customers.


NOTE: Before creating an agent for lead conversion to a trial, ensure that the trial you are utilizing is connected to class schedule. This is required to get a customer immediately signed up for a class. You can check this setting in Services and Products > Trials > Edit the trial > Select Start Date > Custom Classes.


From Amplify > Dashboard, click “create a new agent” and fill out the following information:

    • Agent Name: Give your agent a human-sounding name
    • When lead interest is: Select which program interest(s) the customer would enter into the lead form in order to prompt the agent’s interaction.
  • And lead enters system through (Source): How was the lead entered into the system
      • Website, lead forms, API
      • Point of Sale
      • Manually (By Staff)
  • Sell: Select what offerings the chatbot can sell. Currently, only the “trials” option is available, but events and memberships will be added as options later for Amplify Plus members.
  • Using this knowledge base: Select which knowledge base the AI will connect to for FAQ
  • When lead status is: Select which status(es) prompts the agent’s interaction with the lead
      • Deleted
      • Active
      • Enrolled
      • Not Interested
      • Custom
  • Start: Select when the chatbot will begin a conversation with the lead.
      • Immediately: immediately after status change. This is currently the only option.
  • End engagement when lead status is: Select when the chatbot disengages from the lead
  • Deleted
    • Enrolled
    • Not Interested
    • Custom
  • Intro message to the lead: keep the default message or create your own message that the agent will begin the conversation with.

Step 6: Test your Agent

If you would like to see an example conversation with the chatbot before publishing the agent, you can click “Test agent.” Enter a fake lead name and program interest and then have a chat with your agent. This is purely a simulation of how the agent will interact with customers and will not affect your system or actually complete registrations. 


NOTE: If you have not entered funds in your OpenAI account, the chatbot agent will type forever in this simulation and will not have a conversation.

Step 7: Launch your Agent

When you’re happy with your settings and testing, you can go back to the agent setup and launch the agent. Up until now, you are able to test Amplify fully without the MyStudio Amplify Add-on, but you will have to purchase the add-on in order to launch an agent.


After launching the agent, the agent will initiate text conversations for any new lead that meets the setup criteria. The agent can fully sell a trial and connected class registration to the customer by sending a pre-filled registration form.


You can also check on any conversations between the agent and customer by going to Communications > Mobile Message > Conversations and can even take over at any time by writing to the customer.


NOTE: This will only activate for new leads who have not entered your system yet.