Banner & Header

Update and customize your website's banner and header to promote sales and programs and create a professional looking website

Easily promote new sales and programs with an eye-catching banner
and create a professional-looking header for your website!



Your website Banner is the best place to promote new sales and programs, providing an easy link directly to your trials, events, or memberships!


Turn the banner on and off at any time with the toggle.


Easily customize your banner text...

and use the link search bar to find your programs (trials, events, retail, or memberships) and link directly to them.


Once you have set-up your banner, click "Preview" to see how it looks and "Publish" to save.


PLEASE NOTE: the banner will always be yellow, no matter what your color scheme is, to help grab your viewer's attention!


Your website Header is the main imagery at the top of your screen. Make a great first impression on your customers with an eye-catching video or image gallery.


Choose between a background video or an image gallery with the Video and Images toggles.


For Videos, paste your Vimeo or Youtube URL into the box


For images, click the pencil icon to add up to six images for your image gallery.


With Images, you can also add a Header and sub-title that will sit on top of the image gallery.


Both Video and Image headers will give you the option to add a Call to Action button.


When turned on, this makes a button appear that allows your visitors to click and further engage with the MyStudio platform.


Customize the button's text and action to help further engage your visitors.


You can either send your visitors to a specific link within your MyStudio app or launch your Lead Capture system (if it's turned on)


If you choose to send your user's to a specific link, use the link search bar to find the specific program (trials, events, retail, or memberships) you wish to link them to.


Once you have finished setting-up your header, click "Preview" to see how it looks and "Publish" to save.