Business Manager App - All Customers

Access your All Customers section within the Business Manager App

Access your All Customers section within the Business Manager App to view your customer profiles.


Use these buyer profiles to:

  • View your customer's registration history including memberships, trials, etc.

  • View and update their and participant info

  • View and update their primary payment methods

  • View your communication history with this customer and send new in-app or SMS text messages or emails.

  • Call your customer directly

  • View your customer's payment history

  • Enable and disable access to the member portal

  • Add new registrations directly to their account

The All Customers section will automatically open when you log into the Business Manager App.



All Customers Overview

Use the Search bar to look-up specific members by Buyer Name, Participant Name, or email.


See if they are an App User (have logged into the app but made no purchases), Member (have made purchases or registrations in MyStudio), or an Additional User (linked to a primary buyer profile).



See your buyer's names and how long they have been a customer at your school.


Also view their total payments made to your studio, last date of contact, and past due payments, and see if they have access to the member portal.


Lastly, view their full participant list.



Buyer Profile - Menu

Click on the customer to be taken directly to their Buyer Profile.


View your customer's total payments made to MyStudio and their pending Past Due payments.


Additionally, use the top menu to enable or disable the member portal...


Send an in-app or SMS text message...


Call your customer directly...


Compose and sent an email...


And use the + button to add registrations directly to this buyer profile...



Buyer Profile - Customer Information




The Buyer Profile will automatically open to the customer's Summary page once you click it.


View how many registrations your customer has for each category and their total payments made for each.


Click into a category to view the specific registrations.




Under the Info section, you can view your buyer's information, participant information, primary payment methods, and the additional users on the account.



Expand each section to view and edit the information as needed.




Use the Communication section to view your past in-app messages and emails sent to this customer.


Click on in-app Mobile Messages to launch your in-app and SMS text message history and send a new message to this customer.




Lastly, under the Payments Section view your customer's Past Due payments, Upcoming payments, and their full Payment History with you.


Expand each section to view more detailed information.


Please check out this video overview to see the All Customers section in action!