Call to Action

Set up a Call to Action on your Website.

You can create a link or lead capture on your Website!



To set up a call to action, go to Sales Channels > Business Website > Call to Action.


First you will add a Section Title and a Sub-Title is needed.


If you only wish to leave a message for your members with no link, you can leave the Call to action button turned off.


If you would like to link your members to a specific area in your system, turn on your Call to action button and enter in the text for the button.


Then you will create action for this button.


For "Send user to link", you will type in a key word in the search box and click search. Key words can be titles of a specific Event, Membership, or Trial, or the Main list Pages.


Once you have selected your link through the search, the link will turn green to show it is successfully linked.


Then you can preview and publish your Call to action with a link.



Here is a video tutorial showing this process:



If you set the Button Action to "Launch Lead Capture System", your members will redirected to the Lead Capture you set up.


For more information on Lead Captures, click HERE.