Class Package Membership Setup

Sell a membership for a package of 10 classes

This Class Package structure Membership Option allows you to:

  • Navigate the Class Package structure setup.

  • Subtract members' attendance based on number of classes.

  • Show the number of classes remaining for your members.

  • Create Membership Option discount code.

This structure is helpful for studios who would like to sell a Membership with a certain amount of classes for their members to participate in and be substracted per attendance that they are checked into within their Membership.



Membership Details and Waiver Agreement


Make sure you have filled out your Details section for your Membership. The Waver and Agreement of the Membership provides legal language for customers to sign and agree to your membership's terms, auto-renewal policies if applicable, and cancellation procedures (consult your legal representative for help with your agreement):


NOTE: When users register for any membership, a copy of the agreement that they sign and accept will be attached with their registration confirmation:



Class Package Membership Option Details


On Membership Options, you will be able to add a new membership payment option. Click "Add Membership Options" and begin setting up your Membership Option Details with the down payment and payment starting information:



Class Package Membership Option Payment Setup


Structure: Select Class packages
Sign-up Fee: Add if applicable
Total Cost: Add total program fee
Number of Classes: Select the amount of classes for the package
Use Expiration Date: Use this if you want to set a time for when the classes expire
Billing Option: Allow a payment plan or choose pay in full



Add Membership Option Discount


In Discount Codes, create discount codes for the membership fee of your Membership Option for your members to use upon registration: