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Code Ninjas | MyStudio Onboarding System


Overview video:


Please follow the steps below to get your locations set up.



Step 1

Account setup
To get started, you must set up your account, validate your studio email, and complete WePay verification.


Step 2

Verifying customer data


To verify customer data, navigate to All Customers > Participants > Programs. Here you will find all your customers who were imported with complete payment info.
You can click into the customer to verify that all the information is correct.

Customers with incomplete data can be found in Pending Migration where you can make necessary updates to complete their information.









Step 3

Using the ( i ) icon resource

The ( i ) icon can be found in each section throughout the platform. Clicking this icon gives you access to useful tutorial videos that give a more thorough guide through the different tools and functions within a particular section.




Set up membership payment options

How to set up and edit membership options within programs.



Step 4

Set up class schedule

How to add and edit class times.



Step 5

Add additional staff

How to add staff members to your account



Step 6

How to manually import customer data.

How to manually input data and payment information into system to start billing





Step 7

Event setup

How to manage events and add and edit event dates within an event category.




Step 8

Retail setup

How to set up products in your retail shop.




Retail orders


How to view and manage all of your orders.



Step 9

Member App Customization and setup





Step 10

Customer portal access and directions (customer facing)

Walkthrough of the member app from the customer view.



Step 11

Point of Sale
Overview of the Point of Sale and the Staff Point of Sale.




Step 12

Product URL links
Overview of where to access and best practices with the URL registration links of the product offering.




Step 13

Communication system

Walkthrough of communication options and tools.


Step 14

Attendance system

Overview of class calendar and attendance portal.



Step 15

Operator App






Managing payments



Changing membership status



Automation Capabilities




Task management