Communications - Emails

Create re-usable templates that can be customized to each recipient. See who have opened or clicked on your email.

Compose an email easily by clicking the email icon in the upper right hand corner:


This will open up the email editor.




You can use the Placeholders to customize your subject line and email body:



Communications > Emails

To view your sent email history, scheduled email history, draft emails, and saved email templates, go to Communications > Emails:



Sent Email History

The "Sent" section allows you to view all your emails sent in the last 14 days and their opened/bounced/etc. rates.


Clicking on each sent email will show details of each recipient, the email content, and real time open or click action.


PLEASE NOTE: You will only be able to see the last 14 days of sent email history.


To view an email you sent out more than 14 days ago, please visit your All Customers section and click on the buyer profile of one of your email recipients. Under their Communication section, you will see a full record of past communications (not just 14 days)




The "Scheduled" section allows you to view a history of emails you have scheduled to be sent out.





While writing your email, our system will automatically save a draft of your email every couple of minutes. It will be stored in the Drafts button.





To create a new Template, view or edit existing Templates, or check the opened rates for your Templates go to Communications > Email > Templates: