Discounts - Century Direct items

You can easily add discounts to your century direct items within the discount section.

**Remember this discount is only discounting the Net you will be making from this item. This does not go towards wholesale costs.


After you have added your century Direct items, easily create a discount code for these items by clicking Retail > Products > Live > Discounts.

To find out more about how to add a century Direct item click here!


Create Discount

  1. Create your Discount title (This is the code that your members will be using).

  2. Choose the type of discount it will be. Fixed amount or percentage. (NOTE: You will not be able to add a fixed amount discount to an item if the item exceeds the discount fixed amount).

  3. For Century items, choose a Specific product. Century does not allow a discount to be applied to an entire order. Browse and select one item or CLICK HERE to see how to bundle a discount for your century items!

To choose specific items select Specific product > Browse > Select products > Add. Choose one item or select many items.

4. Apply Usage limit to 1 or 2. Make it limitless by keeping this blank.


5. Create a "Minimum" requirement. This could be a dollar amount or minimum items to an order.


6. Choose your Active dates. Select a start and end date and time. You do not have to set an end time.


After you have set your discount up the way you need click Save!

Once saved it will show in your Discount list.