Access your website URL or connect an existing domain name.

Use this section to access a pre-made MyStudio Website URL or connect an existing domain.



Your MyStudio URL

Use the copy icon next to "Your MyStudio URL" to copy a MyStudio generated URL that links to your website.


For a better user experience, connect an existing custom domain instead.


Click "Instructions" to open up our step-by-step directions right on the App & Website Customization page or keep reading below to get your existing domain connected!


Existing Domain Connection

At any point during this process, you can reference the "Connection Status" at the top of the control panel and see your current domain status.


STEP ONE: Enter your domain name in the following format: and click submit.


Once submitted the connection status will change to "Submitted & Awaiting DNS Entries."


PLEASE NOTE: You must click "Publish" on your website before connecting a domain, otherwise you will receive this error message:


STEP TWO: The email address associated with your MyStudio account will now receive an email with directions for creating DNS CNAME entries for the domain being connected.


The email looks like this:

STEP THREE: Once the email has been received, return back to this control panel and use the information supplied in Step 3 to create your CNAME entries with your DNS host.


PLEASE NOTE: This process is different for all DNS host sites, so please contact your DNS host for more details on how to do this!


STEP FOUR: Once the CNAME entries are complete, MyStudio will initiate an SSL Certificate process (a necessary security step). It may take up to 24 hours for your connection status to change to "Generating SSL Certificate."

STEP FIVE: Once the SSL certificate process is complete the connection status will change to "Connected"


You will be notified by email that your domain is ready to use:


PLEASE NOTE: If SSL verification is not completed within 48 hours the request may become void, and the domain will need to be resubmitted. If this occurs the connection status will change to "SSL verification failed" and you will need to either cancel or resubmit your domain name.


STEP SIX: Lastly, once your domain is connected please visit your domain host's website and create a “redirect” for domain entries where a site visitor does not use the www. prefix.


This redirect will ensure that users always find your site whether or not they type the www. prefix into their browser!


If you have more specific questions on how to do this, we recommend that you contact support at your DNS provider as the specifics of where to do this varies with each provider.


PLEASE NOTE: The next time you log into MyStudio, you will no longer see a connection status or CNAME Entries. This is because your domain has already been connected.


You will not need to complete this process again and can still access your website directly from the URL!