Programs - Cancel a Membership
Updating a members status from Active to Cancel.
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PLEASE NOTE: Our system does not allow you to reactivate a canceled membership at this time. The member would need to be registered for a new membership if they wish to resume/return.

If you wish to proceed, you can cancel a student by visiting your All Customers section > Participants > Program > and clicking on the student's name you wish to cancel:

Click the pencil icon next to Status:

Then update the status to cancel:

You will be given the option to cancel all future payments (which immediately moves the student to a canceled status) OR to select a last payment date:

PLEASE NOTE: selecting a last payment date will keep the membership in an "Active" status until the final payment is processed. Then the membership will move to a "Canceled" status immediately after payment is received.

You will be able to view your scheduled cancellation date under the Program registration page:

As well as under their Participant profile > Notes:

Click the trash icon to delete this cancelation or the pencil icon to edit it as needed.




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