SMS Additional Texting rates
This explains the rates of texting after you have reached your 500 limit
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Additional Texting rates after the 500 monthly limits have been reached.

Here are our SMS Texting rates per plan:

  • Legacy Plan — $10 and 3¢ per text over 500

  • Starter Plan — $10 and 3¢ per text over 500

  • Growth Plan — $10 and 2¢ per text over 500

  • Scale Plan — $10 and 2¢ per text over 500

Please Note: If you are currently on a trial plan you will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to add SMS texting. You can compare our plans and sign up by going to My Account (bottom left-hand corner) > Plan and Billing:

These charges are only applicable after you have exceeded your 500 text limit for the month. Each month, these 500 texts reset.

PLEASE NOTE: unused text messages do not roll over into the next month, the system will still reset to 500 texts.

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