Welcome to the Member Portal apps and web URLs!

Here your members can:

  • Access all their current registrations

  • Register for classes, events, trials, and other memberships

  • Purchase retail

  • Update their contact info or payment methods

  • Access member-only content like curriculum resources and restricted classes

  • Receive in-app messages you send out

Customer Access via Apps

For your customers to access the Member Portal app on their phone or tablet, provide them with the download links for the MyStudio Apple and Google app.

You can also find and copy these links by going to the Sales section of MyStudio > Customer Access (#1):

Alternatively, grant your customers access to the app through a web browser by copying the Member Web App URL (#2).

When providing these links, you will need to include your unique studio code so that your members can have access to your specific studio (#3).

You can edit this code by going to My Account (in the bottom left-hand corner) > Member Portal Settings > and clicking the pencil next to your studio code:

Customer Sign-In

After your members download the app and enter the studio code or click your web app URL, they will need to sign in.

They can select "I'm a New User" (#1) or, If they are returning to the app or web app, they will sign in using the same method they used to sign up for the app (#2).

PLEASE NOTE: If your customer already has a registration with your studio but they are signing into the app for the first time, have them click "I'm a new user" and sign in using the same contact info they provided for their registration (email + phone).

This will connect them instantly with their existing registrations!

Learn more about troubleshooting issues when signing up or signing in here!

Customer Access via URLs

Your customers are also able to register for trials, memberships, events, classes, and buy retail directly from the URLs that are automatically generated throughout your account without needing to sign in.

These URLs can be accessed from any browser or device -- simply copy the URL and share it with your customers in an email, text, or on social media!


The main trials page URL can be located in Services and Products > Trials > Settings.


Your memberships URL is located in Services and Products > Memberships.


The main class/appointment URL is located in Services and Products > Class Schedule > Class/Appointment types.


The main events URL is located in Services and Products > Events.


The main retail URL is located in Services and Products > Retail > Settings.

PLEASE NOTE: you can also copy the URL for a specific program (such as a hidden membership).

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