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How To: Read Your Memberships Data Analytics
How To: Read Your Memberships Data Analytics
Learn to read your Active Members and Retention Data in Analytics
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Active Members Data

See how many active, new, on hold, and canceled/completed members you have in the current month:

and past months:

Clicking on the green plus button next to the membership status will reveal the programs the specific type of members are coming from.

PLEASE NOTE: a section will only be expandable if there have been any changes made in the date range shown

In addition to the total number of active memberships you can also view/expand:

  • New (new memberships which enrolled that month)

  • Hold (new memberships that were moved to a "Hold" status that month)

  • Resumed from Hold (new memberships that were moved from "Hold" status to "Active" status that month)

  • and Cancelled/Completed (new memberships which were either cancelled or reached their "Membership End Date" that month)

PLEASE NOTE: Transferring a member will adjust the membership numbers per month in Total but will not effect New, Cancelled/Completed etc.

These 4 sections (New, Hold, Resumed from Hold, and Cancelled/Completed) are also used to calculate your Net Gain in Memberships each month.

Your new Holds (#2) and Cancelled/Completed (#4) memberships are subtracted from your New (#1) and Resumed from hold (#3) memberships to give you a net gain or loss each month:

Retention Data

See how long members stay with your school.

For example: how many members are canceling within the first 3 months vs. how many members have canceled within 10-12 months.

This will allow you to track how long members stay in your program on average. Use that data to cater to that particular program and improve your business and retention rate!

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