Get paid! Connect and Confirm your Stripe account.

Steps needed for new MyStudio customers to setup, verify and provide bank account details for payment settlements via Stripe.

Getting Started

As soon as you register for MyStudio, Stripe will already be integrated with your account. Just click on the banner at the top of your screen to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: if you do not see this banner, you can also proceed to Payments > View Payouts to complete your information!

Business Information

Now it's time to begin filling in your business information, please proceed through each of the following screens.

Your type of business and business structure:

image (3)

Your business information (such as legal name and EIN):

image (4)

Verify that you represent the business:

image (5)Add any additional business owners:

image (6)After seeing this screen you can return to MyStudio:

image (7)

Payout Details (Bank Information)

Now you can visit Payments (the left-side icon of the hand holding the money) > View Payouts. Here you can update your business details:

image (8)Click the "Payouts" tab to add your bank information where Stripe will deposit all your processed funds:

image (9)

You will then be able to process payments!