Get Started with MyStudio

Get paid! Connect and Confirm your WePay account.

Steps needed for new MyStudio customers to setup, verify and provide bank account details for payment settlements via WePay.

After you register for a MyStudio account, a WePay account is automatically linked to your account. You will receive an email from WePay to verify this account.



WePay Activation Email


Once you have located your WePay activation email, click "Set password" to begin the WePay setup process:


NOTE: If you don't see your WePay email please check your folders, junk, and spam sections.



Password and Information Setup


You will then set up a password for your WePay account and enter in information about you and your studio.



Tip: It is best to use the same password that you use for your MyStudio account.




Bank Account and Actions Needed


After you have entered your information and sign in to your account, you may notice actions needed for setting up your bank account and/or if more information is needed for you to complete. Setting up your bank account will link your bank to your MyStudio account. You will then be able to process payments!




You will then be able to process payments!




Additional Details


  1. Please reference your inbox related to the email used to create your MyStudio Business Management account to setup and verify.


  2. You will find a Verification email there to confirm and complete WePay setup. The email title should say: "WePay wants to verify your MyStudio Account..."


  3. Within the email body, click the confirm button in blue. You will be re-directed to WePay login screen to set your password and grant WePay access.


  4. Be sure to note your email and password created for your login so you can access your WePay account again as needed.


  5. Once logged into your WePay dashboard - WePay will need you to submit & verify personal and business details. Fill out the form, making sure to complete all required fields, then click submit.


  6. After you submit your details successfully, WePay will now ask for you to input your preferred bank account details for payment settlements. This is where payments that are run through the MyStudio system will be deposited.


  7. After you add bank account details, you are all done and ready to accept payments through MyStudio.