Additional Users

How To: Add an Additional User

How to add additional users in All Customers.

The Additional Users section will provide another user access to all the information except for payment methods associated with the buyer you are adding them to.


This will provide additional people access to the buyer's Curriculum/Resources and the Class Scheduler!


To add an additional user, visit a primary customer's buyer profile:


Go to the Info section and click "Add Additional User".


Enter in the Additional User's name and email address. Then select Save.


An invitation email with instructions will be sent to the email.


In the email, the additional user will be directed to the Member Portal to create a login with the same email.


Once the user clicks on the "Member Portal Registration," they will be taken to the web app sign-in page where they can now log in.


PLEASE NOTE: If you try and add an email that already exists in your All Customers section, you will be prompted to merge the account instead!