How To: Add and Delete Staff Accounts

Multi-level user access

To invite additional team members to access your MyStudio Account, click on My Account:


And navigate to Users and permissions:


From there, click "Add Staff Account"


Fill out user information, select the account access level, and click "Send Invite". 



Each user will receive an email, at the provided address, inviting them to create a username or password for access to your account!


PLEASE NOTE: An email can only be used once to create a main MyStudio Account however, with staff accounts, you can use the same email access more than one account.


For example: the email can only be used to create one main MyStudio account as the account owner but it can be a manager account at and an admin account at!


A user with access to multiple accounts can toggle between each account by clicking the drop-down button on the upper right corner, and selecting the account that they wish to manage.




Once users are invited, you can see each user's invite status, last login date, and access level from the "Accounts and permissions" section.


Easily delete a user, or edit each user's details and access level by clicking on their name: