How To: Get Leads from other Platforms into MyStudio

Use Zapier WebHook Action to send information captured from other platforms (Facebook, Manychats, etc.) into your MyStudio Lead list.

**WebHook is for Zapier Premium accounts only, not for a Free Zapier account**


  1. Log into your Zapier account and click "Make a Zap!"

2.  Choose a platform that you'd like to connect. For the rest of this tutorial, we will select Facebook Lead Ads as our platform to connect to MyStudio. However, you can connect any platform you wish.


3. Authenticate Facebook account and select "New Lead"


4. Select the business page and Lead Form


5. Facebook will generate a test Lead to ensure the connection is working. Select the Lead sample and continue.


6. Type in "webhooks" in the search bar and select that as the action app


7. Select "POST" to add new leads to MyStudio. So in this example, any new leads that are captured in your Facebook Ad is automatically added into your MyStudio Lead List, and can begin to get your marketing automation." 


8. Copy and paste Zapier Action URL from your MyStudio Control Panel into Zapier fields.


9. "Data" - copy and paste the following MyStudio header info , as needed, exactly as they appear into the header fields:

Keep in mind that some other platforms will only provide some fields for integration. We only need a (Buyer_first_name OR Buyer_last_name) AND a (Email OR Phone) for successful integration into MyStudio.



10. Copy the ZapierHeaderAPIKey from MyStudio and paste the key into Zapier.


11. Click "Test" to test the integration.


12. Name your Zap and turn it on. Then do a couple of opt-in from your Facebook Ad -- or any other platform -- to see the leads appear straight into MyStudio.