How To: Import a List of Leads

Easily import a list of leads into our Lead Management System.

From the control panel > Click All Customers > Leads > "Add/Import new lead"



Download CSV file template:


And transfer over data from any of your lists into the set fields in the template. Do not edit column list names.


The required fields are Buyer First Name, Buyer Last Name, Email/Mobile Phone(either one of these)


If you do not have First Name, Last Name data - be sure to paste a random value into that column such as "NA" or "NONE"


Once you have the template file data pasted in the required columns, save and return to MyStudio.


Now, from add/import new lead, click "Import CSV template" and choose to include new leads in custom campaigns or not.


Once finished you must click the green "Import leads" button!


And you're done! Your leads are now imported into MyStudio and you can take care of them as needed.