How To: Merge Primary Customers

Merge two existing accounts in your All Customers Section

Merge two already existing accounts within MyStudio by adding an Additional User!


This will provide the Additional User access to all the information associated with the specific Buyer you are adding them to.


In All Customers, click the Buyer's name that you wish to make the Primary account.


Click Add Additional User


PLEASE NOTE: In order to merge profiles, you must make sure to the First Name, Last Name, and email address for this additional user matches the existing account.


When the system recognizes an existing customer/buyer profile, you will be asked if you want to "Send Email Request to Customer" or "Manually Merge Profiles Now".


Select "Manually Merge Profiles Now" to immediately add the additional user.


NOTE: This is a great option if you have extra/unwanted buyer profiles or fake email addresses within the All Customers section because you can now quickly and easily delete the extra buyer profile.


To merge two existing accounts that you would like to keep, send an email request to your customers.


The user will receive this email:



Clicking "Decline" will leave the accounts separate and nothing in All Customers will change. The Primary account will receive this email:


Clicking "Accept" will merge the accounts and this email will now be listed as an additional user within the Primary account!


Under the Additional User's Summary, view the Primary account's membership registrations, trial registrations, retail and miscellaneous purchases, and event registrations.


NOTE: Additional Users do NOT have access to the buyer information or payment method of the Primary account and vice-versa


Back on the All Customers page, you will now see the Type listed as an Additional User.


Total Payments and Past Due will also synch for Primary Accounts and Additional Users.