How To: Read Your Trials Data Analytics

What is a trial, why are they important, and how do I read my trial data in the Analytics section?


Trials customers who are trying out your studio’s offerings, but have not become month-to-month members yet. The Analytics > Trials section contains the data report on total number of these Trial members added to the system as well as the conversion rate of the trials into enrolled members. Generally, trial offerings directly correlate to program offerings.


Why Does it Matter?

The Analytics > Trials section gives quick data to you about monthly and annual trial members who have entered the system. This data can give insight into a few items. As long as you have set up Trial Sources and Program Interests in Services and Products > Trials > Settings, the data table can show where the trials are coming from as well as which services customers are interested in. This information can help businesses make decisions for marketing and budget distribution.


Table Views

This table has two views: Monthly Registration and Annual Registration, which can be toggled at the top left of the table. Monthly Registration will show a month-to-month comparison of trial registrations and Annual registration will show a year-to-year comparison of trial registrations. You should be able to scroll back as far as 36 months for Monthly Trial Registration and four years back for Annual Trial Registration.

Trial views-1 


The number displayed below the month or year is the total number of trial registrations you've had for that month or year.


Trial number-1


Click the plus :plus: button to see the totals of each trial offering set up in Services and Products > Trials. You can see an even further breakdown of these categories to see the source of these trial registrations. Only trials that have had registrations will appear in this list.


Trial drop down


You can create custom sources for this data in Services and Products > Trials > Settings > Source. 


Custom trial source

If you delete a custom source that has data attached to it, the system will ask you to select a different source that will receive the data.


where to trial source

Trial Conversion

The trial conversion table displays the amount of trials who enrolled out of the total trial registrations that occurred in that month or year.

Click the green plus :plus: button to see the total based on each of the trials set up in Services and Products > Trials.

You can see an even further breakdown of these categories to see the status of the trials. You can create custom statuses for this data in Services and Products > Trials > Settings > Status.


trial conversion drop down

Custom Statuses entered in Services and Products > Trials > Settings > Status will not affect this conversion rate; only “enrolled” status will affect the rate.

Additionally, when a member’s trial status changes to “Enrolled,” the affected conversion rate will be from the month the member registered for the trial. For example, if a member registered for the trial in July, and their status changed to “enrolled” in August, the conversion gets applied to July’s data because that is when the member registered.