How To: Validate Your Studio Email Address

Be sure to validate email address to increase customer open rates for all emails that are sent

Emails from the MyStudio platform are sent from a dedicated Amazon Web Services address.


MyStudio will default as sending emails from a no-reply account and your customers will be able to view your emails but not reply to them.


In order for your customers to reply to emails sent from MyStudio, you will need to set up an email with a domain that you own and then set that as your Studio Email.


To access your studio email address, click My Account:


Business Profile:


You will see your Studio Email listed here:



Validate Your Email

By validating your studio email address, our system can send all emails with your email address in the "from" field, rather than the no-reply email.


You will need to have an email associated with a domain that you own, such as


Type in your email address and then click the "Validate Email Address" button:

You will receive an email from us with a link to start the verification process. Click on the link.


This will take you to the following screen.


PLEASE NOTE: Amazon Web Services typically takes about 1-3 business days to verify the email address.


After that, all emails that you send from our system will have the from address verified as the designated studio address!