Adding Trial Options

How to set up Trial Options for your members to register into.

To create a new Trial Option, go to Services and Products > Trials:


Click "Add new trial option" to create a new trial:


You can build out your own custom option or choose one of our templates:


Our Trial Option Templates are: 1 Free Class Trial, 2 Week Trial, and 4 Week Trial.



STEP 1: Detail

When you create your own option, you will first fill out the details.

  1. Title your option

  2. Provide a Subtitle (optional)

  3. Upload an image for the trial

  4. Add a description

PLEASE NOTE: The Registration redirect URL is optional -- this can be a "thank you" page on your website, a redirect to your class scheduler, a redirect to your social media or website, etc.


Here's a sample thank you page for reference:


STEP 2: Pricing

In this section you will need to:

  1. Add your price, if any, to your option

  2. Select the number of Day(s) or Week(s) for the length of the program

  3. You can add a Discount code for this trial

  4. You will enter in the amount of the discount then select add.


STEP 3: Registration Fields

This is where you will enter in any extra information you would like the member to fill out when registering for this trial.


The First/Last Name and Date of Birth fields can not be removed but you can disable the date of birth field.


You can also add a new custom field which can be edited and removed at any point. Choose whether or not to make this field mandatory.


STEP 4: Waiver and Agreements.

You will add any information the member needs to agree to when registering for this trial here. Then hit save.