Collecting Data in App Store Connect

Set up your Privacy Policy with information on the data your app collects.

To set up what data is being collected from the app, please log in to your Apple App Store Connect account > Apps > Click your App
Click General Info > App Privacy from the left menu > Privacy Policy > Get Started button

PLEASE NOTE: If you have the Data already set to "Data Not Collected" (so there is no "Get Started" button), click Edit next to Data Types!


Choose Yes, we collect data from this app then Click Next

Then select Name, Email Address, and Payment Info.

It will then show these three under Data Types.

You will need to follow these steps to set up each one:


For Name, choose App Functionality > Next.

Select "Yes, names collected from this app are linked to user's identity" > Next.

Continue to click Next until reach the last question. Then "No, we do not use names for tracking purposes" > Publish.

Select the same sections for Email Address.

For Payment Info, select Other Purposes.

Then answer the same as Name and Email address for the next two questions.


Then go to iOS App from Left side menu > Click save and then submit for review.