Data Safety for Google App

Completing the Data Safety questionnaire within your Google Play Console.

Video instructions:

To start your Data Safety in your Google Play Console, on your left side menu, scroll down to 'App Content'. Find Data Safety and select 'Start'.


  1. Select Next in the bottom right corner to get started.

  2. For the first three questions, you will select 'Yes'. (Note: Only the first will show until you select 'Yes'. Once selected the next two questions will show.)

3. Then select 'Next'.

4. For the Data Types, click 'Show' for Personal Info to drop down the list and select 'Name' and 'Email address'.

5. Click show on Financial info and select 'User payment info'.

6. Then click 'Next'.

7. Next to each Data Type click the arrow to complete the questionnaire.

8. For each Data Type, you will select the answers below:

9. Once all three are completed, click 'Next'.

10. Then click 'Submit'.


NOTE: If there are other sections you need to complete before you can submit the Data Safety, click 'Save Draft' and then complete the steps through the link they provide.


Once you have completed any additional steps, go back to App Content > Data Safety and click 'Next' until you get to the last page again. Then submit the Data Safety.