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How Do I Create a Demo Login for Apple's Review Process

How to create a new demo login or double check your demo login if Apple rejects your app

Demo Login Credentials

This is the login email/username and password that Apple will use to access your app and make sure everything looks okay.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to actually create this email and password by logging into your app, you cannot just input general information here!


To create a demo login, please open the MyStudio app on your phone or click your Web App URL link to access the app online.


Then select, I'm a new user:


PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the MyStudio app on your phone, you will need to enter in the Studio Code. If you are using your specific Web App link, you can skip this step!


Select Create User Account:


Here you will need to input the login email and password that you wish to use, then click Next:

You should now be able to see this demo account in your All Customers section under App Users:


Once this account has been created, please input the username (this should be the email address you used) and the password:


Don't forget to hit Save!



If your app has been rejected by Apple because of login credentials, please log into your account, go to your App Review Information, and provide the demo login details with these directions (fill in the correct studio code, username, and password for your account):


— Select 'Studio member log in'
— Select 'Sign in'
— For studio code, type 'ENTER STUDIO CODE HERE'
— For username, type 'ENTER DEMO USERNAME' and password type 'ENTER DEMO PASSWORD'

Now, re-submit your app for review!