How Do I Generate an App-Specific Password?

STEP 1 Navigate to

STEP 2 Click App-Specific Passwords.

STEP 3 Click Generate an app-specific password.

If there is already an app-specific password and you are generating a new one, click the plus button.


STEP 4 A pop-up will show saying, "Use an app-specific password to sign in to an app or service not provided by Apple.". You can type "MyStudio" in the box. This will just serve as the label for the App-Specific password (the next screen will show your actual app-specific password).



STEP 4 Copy the auto-generated app-specific password (this will be in the format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) that is shown and paste this in your MyStudio Control Panel > Custom App Setup > Apple > Developer Information > Step 1 "Enter the Apple Developer App Specific Password".