How to Add your Skeleton APK build and app Metadata to your Google Play Console


STEP 1 Download your Skeleton APK from your control panel > My Account > White Label App Setup > Dashboard > Locate file on last step in the checklist

STEP 2 Navigate to Google Play Console and login.


STEP 3 From the All Applications menu section, click CREATE APP on the top right.



STEP 4 Enter your app name title , choose your appropriate language .

-Select ' app' next to app or game.

-Select ' free' next to free or paid.


Select Create App at the bottom of the page:


STEP 5 In the center, click view task next to " Set up your app"



Step 6 Click on App Access. Select All or some functionality is restricted. Click on Add new instructions.


Step 7 For 'Name' type in ' Guest users '

-Leave password and phone number blank

-In the ' Any Other Instructions box ', copy and paste the text from below:


" When users log in as a guest, the following sections are not available to them because those sections are available to users that log in with their login credentials. These sections are Curriculum, push notifications, memberships options and referrals.

Instructions for signing in as a guest user:

1. Click " I'm a new user "

2.Enter the studio code

3.Select ' Skip and continue as a guest ' located at the bottom of the screen

4.Click ' continue as guest' "





Click the Dashboard button :

Step 8 Click on ads. Select ' No, my app does not contain ads ' . Save, select the dashboard back button.


Step 9 Select Content rating:


Select start questionnaire.

Enter your email address. Select Content Aggregators, Consumer Stores, or Commercial Streaming Services



Click Next.


Step 10 Select ' No ' for all of the content rating questions.



Click Save, Click Next , Click Submit. > Click the back button next to App content.


Step 11 Click ' start ' next to Privacy Policy:


For PRIVACY POLICY paste this URL,, click SAVE. Click on the app content back button.




Step 12 Click start for Target audience and content.


Select the age groups as shown below. Select next.


Step 13 Under Appeals to Children, select NO , select next and select save. Click on the back button next to app content.


Step 14 Click on Dashboard on the left side of the screen.


Step 15 Click on Select an app category and provide contact details.


Step 16 For Categorization, select the appropriate categories as it pertains to your business. Enter your email address. Select Save.

Click on Dashboard on the left side.


Step 17 Select Set up your store listing.

Step 18


— For TITLE, type your app name. (This should be the same as your Apple app name)
— For SHORT DESCRIPTION, write something simple like, "Your school's mobile app."
— For FULL DESCRIPTION, describe your app. You can say something like, "Receive important notifications, view curriculum videos, view class schedules, sign up for special events and memberships, refer friends, and get all pertinent information right on your mobile device."



Step 19 Upload a 512 x 512 icon of your logo.


Step 20 Upload a 1,024 px by 500 px icon of your logo.



— Download these template screenshots. CLICK DOWNLOAD to download.
— Drag and drop your app store screenshots under SCREENSHOTS for phone screenshots, 7- inch tablet screenshots, and 10- inch screenshots.


Click Save. Click on Dashboard.


Step 22 Click on view task next to Publish your app on Google Play.


Step 23 Select Countries and Regions. Click Add countries/ regions.


Place a checkmark in the first box to select all of the countries. Click Add Countries. Click Add.



Click on Dashboard to go back.


Step 24 Select Create new release under publish your app on Google Play.


Select create new release.

Step 25 Select Continue Under App signing by Google Play

Click on upload under ' Drop Android App Bundles (.aab) or APKs here to upload'. Upload the Skeleton APK build you downloaded from your MyStudio Control Panel that we provided you.




Step 26 For Release name, enter the latest version of the MyStudio app, which can be found here and scroll down to the What's New section. Save.


Click Review release. At the bottom of the page.


27. Click Start to rollout to production.


Click Rollout.


The status of your app should now show as ' being reviewed'. Please continue to monitor your Google Play console for the release of your app for the Google Play Store .