Apple FAQs and Errors

How to convert Apple Developer Program from Individual to Company/Organization?

Navigate to Apple's contact form

To convert your account type, submit a request to Apple Developer Program Support.

  1. Open the Contact Us form from the Apple Developer Program.

  2. Log in with the Apple ID and Password associated with your existing Apple Developer Program, if necessary.

Fill out the form

1.   Select your Region.
2.  Choose Account Updates and Renewals as your Subject.
3.  Fill out the Message following this model: 

I would like to convert my account type from Individual to Organization. My company currently does not hold an active Organization membership.

Please refer to the information provided below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the phone number listed. Thank you!"

  • Name: CEO's First and Last Name.

  • Organization Name: Your Company Name, including the entity type Inc., Corp., LLC, LC, Ltd. Co., etc. This name will show up in the App Store as your app's seller/developer name.

  • Account Type: Company / Organization.

  • D-U-N-S® Number: Your Company DUNS number.

  • Address: Your Company Address.

  • Phone Number: A phone number that Apple can reach you for additional questions or account verification.

4.  Click Send.

Within the next few days, Apple will call the phone number listed to verify your enrollment. Please make sure to notify the person who is going to answer the call. Please reach out to Apple if you haven't received a call within 3 days.

Complete the process

After Apple calls and verifies your enrollment, you will receive an email from Apple asking you to fill out additional information about your organization. Please follow the instructions in the email accordingly.