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How to create and share your White Label app artwork

Create your app artwork

Apple and Google require you to have different variations of sizes of your logo. MyStudio does not provide artwork services, we highly recommend using Adam Spicar below as there are no additional fees and he is very responsive. 

  • Recommended designer. Please email Adam directly for assistance and attach your main logo file in email. He will work up proofs and then share all files in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder which you then share/submit the link to us with all other details from previous steps.
    Adam Spicar: adamspicar@gmail.com (fast turnaround)

  • Artwork requirements (Share with your designer if using or doing yourself and name files as shown here)

When you have your artwork finished, complete these steps:

— Go to Google Drive.

— Click the + and select Folder upload

— Select your app artwork folder and click upload.

— Right click the folder and select Get Shareable Link.
— Copy the link and paste this in to the White Label Submission Form.