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How-To: Engage Members on the App

The member app is a great way for your customers to stay connected with your school.


Not only does it allow them to make purchases and set up registrations for classes, camps, etc. but it also allows them to see their old purchases and upcoming registrations and update their payment information for future purchases.


Additionally, with unlimited 2-way in-app messages, they can message your school at any time and receive messages from you with important updates, announcements, and links.


You can learn more about how the member app looks for your customers by checking out our article here or downloading the app yourself and creating an account.


NOTE: You can create a new login using your same email and password but you won’t be able to automatically log into the member app using your regular MyStudio login information. These are two separate types of accounts.


Additionally, once you are signed in, you will be able to view your memberships, messages, etc. as if you were a customer at your studio, not as the business owner with special privileges or editing capabilities.



We know it can be difficult getting new students and customers to download an app onto their phone so here’s a few Tips and Tricks to help get them squared away!


  1. Have them download the app when they register for a membership.

    If you have some sort of trial program or an event that non-members can register for, we recommend sitting down with the customer in person and downloading the app together.

    This way you can help them log in and show them where/how to sign up right there on their phone. With this method, even if they don’t sign up for a more permanent membership with you right away, you can guarantee they have the app and that they understand how to register on their own once they leave.

  2. Download the marketing flyer to hand out to new students with your studio and/or directly email them the directions to download the app at home.

    You can find both of these options as well as your studio code, links to the app, etc. by visiting Sales Channels > Customer Access:


  3. Bring up the app during classes and events to remind students and their families how much easier things are through the app

    This can mean reminding them to register for their upcoming belt test through the app or reminding them to sign up for their next class. You can also remind them to check out their curriculum videos/resources.

    You can also remind after-school students' parents during their pick-up time that they can give you advance notice by texting through the app and their child will be ready for dismissal faster!


One of the most important things to remember is just to be consistent with your communication regarding the app. The more parents and students are aware of the convenience of the app, the more likely they are to get it on their phone and start using it.


*Did you know?* While the member app is convenient, it is NOT required for people to make purchases-–all of your events, memberships, trials, and retail items all have their own links that you can send out, text, or post, or they can use the WEB APP. Let us know if you have questions!