How to publish your Google app to the Google App Store

— Sign in to your Google Play Console here.
— Start in the Store Presence, Store Listing section, which can be found in the lefthand menu

Store Listing
Product Details

— Under App name, click on your app.
— For Title, type your app name. (This should be the same as your Apple app name)
— For Short Description, write something simple like, "Your school's mobile app."
— For Full Description, describe your app. You can say something like, "Receive important notifications, view curriculum videos, view class schedules, sign up for special events and memberships, refer friends, and get all pertinent information right on your mobile device."
— Scroll down to Graphic Assets, Screenshots.
— Download these template screenshots. CLICK DOWNLOAD to download. Don't worry if it says that there as a problem with the network.
— Drag and drop your app store screenshots under Graphic Assets, Screenshots.
— For High Res icon, upload this artwork provided by your app artwork artist.
— For Feature Graphic, upload this artwork provided by your app artwork artist.
— Skip to the Categorization section.

— For Application Type, select Applications.
— For Category, select what best describes your industry.

Contact Details
— Paste your Website URL.
— Type your email.
— Phone is optional.
— Type your Privacy Policy URL. If you do not have one, then you can use this —

— On the lefthand menu, click the Pricing and Distribution section.

Content Rating
— If you see a Start New Questionnaire button, click this, otherwise type in your email address.
— Scroll down and click Utility, Productivity, Communication, or Other.

— Select NO for everything.
— Click Save Questionnaire.
— Click Calculate Rating.
— Scroll down and click Apply Rating.

Pricing & Distribution
— Select FREE.
— Under Countries, select Available for all countries.

— For Primarily Child-Directed, select No.
— For Contains ads, select No.
— Skip to the bottom
— For Content guidelines, check the box.
— For US export laws, check the box.
— Save Draft.
— Click Ready to Publish.
— Click Manage Releases.
— Under Production Track, select Edit Release.
— Scroll down to What's new in this release? For the text body, Make sure this says, "<en-US> App release. </en-US>"
— Click Review.
— Scroll down and click Start Rollout to Production.
— Click Confirm.

— If you filled out everything correctly, then you should now be in Google's review queue. It will take approximately 1-2 days for them to review your app.
— Monitor the messages Google may send regarding your app. You should be receiving Google review updates at the email associated with your Google Developer account.

If you haven't published your Apple app, then see these instructions below.