General Payment Info

How To: Take In-Person Cash & Check Membership Payments

Manage memberships that want to pay via in-person cash and check

Easily register members for memberships with the option to take in-person cash or check payments through our Point of Sale system. 


Register In-Person With Cash or Check

1. Properly set up your Point of Sale system to take in-person cash and checks.


2. Launch your Point of Sale system:


3. Click on memberships to access your membership option, and follow the on-screen instructions for enrollment.


4. At the checkout screen, simply select "Cash" or "Check" as the payment option for the customer.


Accept Cash/Check for Existing Recurring Payments

1. Go to All Customers > Participants > Programs (or Events) > and click on the name of the Participants name you wish to apply the payment to:



2. Click on "Payments" and then click the payment you wish to process. This can be an Upcoming payment or a Past Due payment:


3. Select "Apply credit to this payment" from the pop-up menu:


4. Select "Cash" or "Check" from the drop-down selection: