How To: Update Your Custom App to the Latest Version

Learn how to update your custom app when a new version is released

When a new update is released for your Custom App, you will receive a pop-up notification when you log into your account:


Click "View issue" or navigate to My Account > Custom App Set Up to get started on updating your app.


You will be able to see your current app version and the latest version that is available now:



Upgrade Your Apple App (iOS)

Click the green "Upgrade" button under Apple App status to update to the latest version


You will be asked to provide the 2-factor authentication code that was sent to your device:


PLEASE NOTE: if you are experiencing any issues with the code being accepted, please try logging directly into your Apple Developer account here: and entering in the new ID code.


Once your authentication has been accepted, you will see that the submit and rebuild button grayed out and your App will enter a "Preparing for Build" status.



Upgrade Your Google App (Android)

Click the green "Upgrade" button under Google App status to update to the latest version.


Your app status will update to "Build is running" and the submit and rebuild button will be grayed out.



Did My App Update?

Once your Apps have finished updating, you will see the latest version updated and your app status will return to "Ready for Sale".


If there are any build errors with the new update, you will receive a notification and your Actions needed section will update: