MyStudio Security & Safety

Data fraud & risk

What happens when MyStudio collects a payment? 

Rest assured you are backed by global leaders for data storage and payment processing security & safety when using the MyStudio Platform. 

Here are some key points so you better understand how payments/data are handled here at MyStudio, so you can properly communicate this to your members when they voice or share fraud and risk concerns.

  • First of all. MyStudio(your studio) does not keep any credit card numbers or data in our database(held by Amazon Web Services

  • The information after checkout is sent straight to -- our integrated payment processor which is owned by Chase Bank. WePay has a level 1 PCI compliance rating with the government, which is the highest. To learn more about WePay compliance click here

  • The credit card is run once by Wepay's system, if it successfully goes through, the system encrypts the data and sends us a Token. Which is a string of characters that does not include any of the credit card's information.

  • That Token is used by our system(Data storage by Amazon Web Services) to re-run any scheduled payments, for recurring payment options, etc.

  • So if someone is able to hack Amazon, they would only get useless token that cannot be used any where else

  • Here is additional info regarding payment security from our partner -- WePay