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Resolving Firebase errors

  1. Go to https://firebase.google.com and select SIGN IN on the top right.

  2. Click on the project you created (this should be your app name).

  3. Click these directions and go to STEP 24 > Click PROJECT OVERVIEW on the top left of the menu.

  4. STEP 25 > Click + ADD APP.

  5. STEP 26 > Click the SNIPPET ICON < / > at the top.

  6. STEP 27 > Under Register app, type your APP NAME and click REGISTER APP.

  7. STEP 28 > Copy the following FIREBASE CODE SNIPPET as shown in the directions and SAVE THIS. Then Click CONTINUE TO CONSOLE.

  8. Go to your MyStudio control panel > My Account > White Label Setup > At the top, click the Firebase tab > Paste the FIREBASE CODE SNIPPET at STEP 3.

If you are still experiencing any trouble, please reach out to us on live customer support by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.