Setting up Payments for Australia Accounts

Verifying your business details to accept payments through MyStudio if you are based in Australia

MyStudio allows customers that are located in Australia to accept payments through our platform using Stripe. Our integrated payment processor in this market. This is the only payment processor that can be used currently. 


Setup is easy, takes about 10-15 min to complete. See below for step-by-step guidelines or click here to watch the video to get started.


Once you have created your MyStudio account and have logged in, click on the "Payments" section of the control panel: 


Click the "View Payouts" tab to view your setup dashboard where you will need to update, edit and verify your business details before accepting payments through our system:


Under "Personal Details" click the "Update" button to begin the process of verifying your personal and business details. Another window/tab will open up once you click update, then simply follow the steps to complete this process. 


Once you have completed the process to verify your personal and business details. Then click the edit icon to the right of "Payout Details" from your control panel dashboard. See the image below. You will have the option to set up settlements or payouts through direct debit or ACH bank deposits. 


Once this final step of setting up payout details is done, then you are complete and can now start receiving payments through MyStudio with daily payouts to your bank.