Step 1 and 2. Create and share your GOOGLE developer account

The steps below will guide you through the process of setting up your Google Developer and Google Play Store accounts.



STEP 1: Create and share your GOOGLE developer account 


  • Enroll in to the Google Play Developer program here. ($25 one-time cost to set this up).

  • Click to agree to the Google Play Terms of Agreement.

  • Click Continue to Payment.

  • Enter your payment information and click buy.

You should now be logged in to your Google Developer account. Now we will give access to your Google Developer account to the new GMAIL email you created (or create a new one if you haven't done so already).


  1.  Please do not use an old GMAIL email. You need to create a NEW GMAIL or we will not be able to access your developer accounts.

  2.  (Necessary for us to access your developer accounts. If you already completed this for the Apple Developer account, then skip to the next step)

  • Type your first and last name, choose any username, and choose your password.

  • Finish the remaining steps to create your new GMAIL email account.

  • NEXT STEP:  STEP 2 — Make sure you are logged in to your Google Developer account with your original Google login (NOT with the Google email you just created). Log in here.

  • Click Settings  > Users & permissions.

  • Select Invite new user (You will be inviting the new Google Email you just created)

  • Add the NEW GMAIL email you created as a new user and specify Administrator so that each permission is automatically selected as GLOBAL.



  • Click SEND Invitation.

  • Go back to your new GMAIL email and accept the invitation.

  • In the top right, sign out of the Google Play Console.

  • Log in to your new gmail here.

  • If Google asks you to protect your account, do not update this and click done.



  • Check your NEW GMAIL email and click accept the invitation.

  • Click ACCEPT.

  • Sign out of your NEW GMAIL Google Play account.

  • Sign in with your ORIGINAL GMAIL Google Play account.

  • Click Settings  > Users & permissions.

  • You should now see the new GMAIL email listed there.

Once you have created and shared your Google Developer account, please ensure you grant that new GMAIL email API access and generate your JSON file.