WePay Support

Merchant Account Transactions - Settlement of Funds

To inquire about funds possibly be held from WePay, settlements, any transaction issues with customers - Please reach out directly to the Customer Delight Team at WePay here: https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new This is the form a MyStudio Client should use for information about an account. 


WePay's Customer Delight Team have the ability to access and look into an individual merchant account, where MyStudio does not.


The Customer Delight Team are able to:


  1. Look up and assist on accounts

  2. Identify why funds might be held

  3. Give you details as to what the users current settlement limit is

  4. Assist you or the user to have their settlement limit evaluated for an increase if necessary.

Some best practices when submitting a request to WePay support team:


  1. Include the name on the account

  2. Include the email address on the account

  3. Include the WePay account ID

  4. Include the transaction or check out ID (if you are inquiring about a specific transaction).

Settlements and Reserve Limit Details. 


All users on MyStudio Academy start with a weekly settlement limit of $5,000.00. The only exception being if you have a High Volume Business that is on-boarding and would need a much higher settlement limit out the get go. 


Whether it's you are an existing user requesting an increase to your current settlement limit or a new High Volume Customer who is on-boarding, you will still need to follow the process for requesting a higher settlement limit through the WePay Customer Delight Team.


As a reminder to WePay's process for requesting an increase of Settlement Limit is:


  1. User would need to submit the request to our Customer Delight Team at: https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  2. Subject line: MyStudio Academy user Settlement Limit Increase 

  3. In the request be sure to include the following information:

  4. Include the user's WePay Account number and 

  5. Attach a Copy of the last 6 months of payment processing they have done, or your previous 6 months of business bank statements (Outside of WePay).

Once the Customer Delight Team has this information they will be happy to pass it along to our Trust and Safety Team for review.