Getting Started

What is the Custom App and How Do I Add it to My Account?

Learn more about our custom app, how to add it to your account, and other common FAQs

What is the Custom App?

The Custom App is your very own branded app in the Apple App and Google Play stores.


This is a great option for strengthening your brand awareness!



How much does it cost?

The Custom App is a $49 per month add-on.



What If I have multiple locations?

If you have more than one location, you will only need to add the Custom App onto one location's account/plan. Each of your locations can use their unique studio code on that same app!


Location 1 — + Custom App add-on
Location 2 — (no add-on)
Location 3 — (no add-on)



Will my data synchronize when my members move
from the MyStudio App to the Custom App?


Yes, all data is synced between the MyStudio App and your Custom App and your members can easily switch between the two, if needed. Please ensure that your members are using the same unique studio app code when logging in no matter what app they are using!



How do I add the Custom App to my account?

To add the Custom App to your current plan, go to My Account (bottom left-hand corner) > Plan and Billing. Scroll down and click "Learn More" under Custom Mobile App to get started.


Update your billing information as needed, agree to the terms of service, and click "Place order" to add to your account.


Once it has been added, the button will be grayed out and you will be able to access your Custom App Set Up.