Lead Status Conversion Automation

Get daily task work done automatically by utilizing our lead status conversion automation which will automatically change the status from "Active" to "Enrolled."




The lead status conversion automation will convert your leads from an active or custom status to enrolled automatically once the member achieves the registration requirements you set. This saves you time from having to manually update these statuses and also keeps your conversion data clean.


Permissions and Accessibility

Staff Access:

  • Admin
    • Full access
  • Manager
    • Access to see the conversion
  • Staff
    • No access

MyStudio Plan Restrictions:

  • Because this is an automation, the automation quantity limitations per plan apply:
    • 5 campaigns for premium and white label plans
    • 10 campaigns for growth plans
    • 20 campaigns for scale plans

Growth and Scale plan can upgrade to the add-on and get unlimited numbers of campaigns for $39 per month




The lead status automation setup can only be found in Automations > Leads > Templates under “Lead status conversion.” Click on this template to make changes and activate it how you’d like.



Give the automation a title and then make edits to the following settings:

1) Who can enter this automation: enter the starting lead opt-in date. The automation will apply to only those leads who entered the system on or after that date. This also works retroactively, so if you enter a date far in the past and that lead met those criteria in the past but was not changed to “enrolled” prior, the automation will change their status once you activate the automation. 



NOTE: The conversion in your Analytics section will affect the month that the member had signed up as a lead. So if a member was a lead in March, but the automation occurred in April, then the March analytics for conversion rate will change. This also goes for bulk updating prior members if you set step 1 to occur a long time ago.


2) Entry conditions: 
    • Lead program interest: Select whether this automation affects all or specific lead program interest types.
    • Communication field match: Select whether this automation will activate when a registration matches both email and phone number to the lead or one or the other. This is because a lead is not required to have both an email and phone number - they can have one without the other.
    • Registration types: Select whether this automation will activate when a member registers for any trial, program, or event; specific trials, programs, and events; or one or two categories. If you would like to only activate the membership for program or trial registrations, choose “Specific program or event or trial” and only select from the programs and trials lists.



3) Action: there are no selections made in this section. This section simply shows you the purpose of the automation, which is to change the lead status from active or custom to enrolled.


NOTE: This automation will ONLY change the status from “active” or custom statuses to enrolled. It will not affect “Deleted” or “Not Interested” statuses. You can create custom statuses from All Customers > Leads > Settings > Status.



Once you’ve made your selections, save the automation and choose whether to activate it right away.


Statistics Table


In Automations > Leads, you will see the table for communication statistics. For the status change automations, you will instead see a conversion number showing the total number of conversions the automation accomplished.  You can click on this number to see a full list of the members affected by the status change.



This new page will show you the following information:

  • Buyer
  • Phone number
  • Buyer email
  • Date: The date the status was changed to “enrolled”
  • Registration event: what the member registered for that prompted the status change
  • Program Interest: which interest was stated on the lead form


On the main automation statistics page, you can also edit the automation again, or delete the automation from the action drop down.